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Lead Conversion Services

What’s the point in just generating leads without any conversions into a business prospect or a customer?

Businesses get a number of leads from ad campaigns, email campaigns, social media campaigns, etc. but how do we make progress from the lead list is the question asked frequently.

1. Click: When it comes to online conversion, a user has to click on an online source such as social posts, ad campaigns, email campaigns or organic traffic. When the user clicks on an ad for example, he/she will be redirected to your website.

2. Visit: Click is converted into visit when the user clicks on the link that navigates him/her to your company’s website.

3. Lead Tracking: You can find out the contact details of the person who has responded to your online campaign and nurture them.

How does Mythical Phoenix do it?

  • Mythical Phoenix offers both lead generation and lead conversion services.
  • We keep track of the entire list of site visitors, campaign and email respondents, etc. to your website and keenly notice who lands up in your webpage and furnish their contact details to you.
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